Weekend Challenge

As we prepare for the clocks to go back on Saturday night (a lie in on Sunday morning perhaps?), the reality of the end of warmer weather and cloudy, rainy, grey skies sets in. Are you affected in any way by the change in seasons? Some people relish the thoughts of wrapping up in cosy, winter gear and taking long walks, kicking up leaves in the watery autumn sunshine. Others are negatively affected by the shortening of daylight hours and what seems to be terminally overcast skies- often known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


I was lucky enough to take a few photos out in the garden on Monday morning before the wild winds of the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo hit our shores. Despite the weather being cooler over the last few weeks, there is still plenty colour to be found…….


A fabulously intricate penstemmon

The colours and shapes of all of the plants that surround us really are amazing….


Beautifully simple marigold (calendula)



I wish I could post the scent of this rosemary plant alongside this picture

…….. and what’s even better is that some of them are even edible! not to mention the health promoting and sometimes medicinal properties that they may offer too.

The array of colours and shapes got me thinking about the many varieties of autumnal foods that are still provided to us by Nature’s pantry.

Apples, pear and quince

Apples, pear and quince

Seasonal fresh vegetables- with a lemon added for extra colour

Seasonal fresh vegetables- with a lemon added for extra colour

This second picture shows a variety of vegetables that were delivered in my weekly organic veg box- butternut squash, leeks, chicory, cucumber, carrots, red onions, curly kale, carrots and garlic. I also added some radishes and the lemon, just to complete the picture.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I encourage my clients (and anyone else for that matter) to eat a ‘rainbow of fruit and vegetables’ every day. Each different colour will contain different ‘phytonutrients’- plant chemicals- that are important for many processes in our bodies. Some are naturally anti-inflammatory, some are anti-oxidants (help mop up free radicals in the body which can contribute to ageing), some help in certain detoxification pathways in the liver, others can assist with hormone metabolism….. the list goes on. It is really important to have as much variety in our diets as possible and not to rely on the same staple foods every day.

Thus, as a challenge to you over the coming weekend in which you have an extra hour to do whatever you wish……… if you are food shopping, try adding a vegetable that you have not eaten for a while, or better still, something that you have never tried, to your shopping basket. And a second challenge is to make a meal using as many different vegetables as you can to give your body a fabulous boost as we leave British Summer Time behind for another six months.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try my autumnal veggie curry……….IMG_0070

Let me know if you’d like the recipe!

Have a great weekend!

Mel x

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