So- What DO you do?

I’m proud to describe myself as a lifelong learner. Not a day goes by without my learning another piece of information regarding nutrition that has an impact on our health.

Today, I learned more details about how polyphenols in our foods (from fruits, vegetables, teas and dare I say …..cocoa) have an influence on the bacteria which flourish in our gut. There are TEN times more bacterial cells in our intestines than there are cells in our entire body. Some of you may be horrified by this, but the ‘good guys’ acts as our first-line of defence with regard to our immune system. It’s when the balance get disrupted and the ‘bad guys’ take over that we may suffer with for example, coughs and colds, irritable bowel syndrome, changes in body composition, difficulty losing weight, diabetes and even certain auto-immune conditions.


I often hear people say things in general conversation like “it’s in my genes, so there’s nothing I can do about it”, which to me, as a Nutritional Therapist, is frustrating. A person may have the genetic code which predisposes them to a certain condition, but that gene doesn’t have to be expressed (i.e.. come to fruition). Having this genetic code is like having a ticket to a ……………….. (insert your own band/artist) show that you don’t really want to go to. YOU decide whether you make the journey to attend at the venue or not. Similarly, using a personalised nutrition approach can influence whether or not your genetic ‘ticket’ leads you towards the health outcome that you previously thought unavoidable.

So- THIS is what I do. I give you strategies to help you avoid attending that concert! By having a consultation with you and delving deep into previous health issues, I can help to address your current concerns , whether they be weight issues, seasonal allergies, menopausal symptoms, tiredness (………the list goes on) by focusing on key areas of nutrition, lifestyle and environment.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

If you would like more details please use the contact page.


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